When a guy runs for president and I know he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning, I like to get one of his mugs

So tomorrow is a big day. A day that Brian Whitman is dreading, and a day I’m kinda excited about. (BTW, this spell checker did not flag “kinda” as misspelled. Is this a real word now?!)

Brian has a collection of thousands of mugs. I think he specializes in political mugs, but he also enjoys radio station mugs and Barry Manilow mugs (he has five of these). Anyway, someone (Randy?) convinced him to give a few mugs away as contest prizes.

So here I sit, waiting for the bobsled to see if I’ve won one of Brian Whitman’s old coffee-stained mugs?! I’m such a loser. But I still hope I win.


-This is like Sophie’s Choice.

-It’s worse than that.

P.S. Thanks Wayne for the new theme song. I said it maan, you’re the best!

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