Pfft. More like AWESOME Women’s Day!

So according to Chris (cat lover and ScrumMaster extraordinaire) (oh, and also Google), it’s the 100th International Women’s Day. Never heard of it. Also, according to my coworker, International Women’s Day is communist.

Um…hello? I’m not a communist. I never have been a communist. So why am I celebrating this holiday? (Are you supposed to capitalize Communist? I think so. Go back and re-read, pretending I know stuff.)

I do think it’s a good idea to celebrate women though. Women who are super awesome. And NOT in a ‘look at me and all the adversity and oppression I’ve overcome and I’m at a disadvantage and I’m a minority and I’m better than men’ way. Just bad ass chicks. (Alternate name for my new holiday: Bad Ass Chick Day)

So here’s a list of awesome women.

Jen Andrews
Julie Andrews
Stephanie Miller
Jennifer Miller (Oh wait, that’s me. Best not to put yourself on this kind of list.)
Anne Boleyn
Queen Elizabeth I
The Oriental Laker girl (JK – that’s a line from Throw Momma From the Train)
Ginny Weasley

What? A couple of those women are in fact, not awesome women so much as MAKE BELIEVE women? Um…this is embarrassing…I really don’t know how to tell you this…okay, I’m just gonna do it…real quick like a Band-Aid…yes, I realize I’m stalling…it’s just that I don’t like to be the one to break this news to people…yes, you’re right – you do deserve to know the truth…okay fine, here I go…

Othello and Harry Potter are NON-FICTION. Therefore, the only logical conclusion one can arrive at is that Desdemona and Ginny Weasley are REAL WOMEN. Also, AWESOME. F’reals.

6 Responses to “Pfft. More like AWESOME Women’s Day!”

  1. Michelle Kube says:

    Isn’t today also the day women bare their breasts in New Orleans for beads?

  2. Katie says:


    Bad Ass Chick Day…hahhahahha

  3. Brian says:

    The Oriental Laker Girl had me LOL’ing and LMAO’ing.

    • ihearttalkradio says:

      Hey guess what – Throw Momma From the Train is on Netflix Instant! Nickel, nickel, quarter, quarter, penny.

  4. FreddyT says:

    Anne Boleyn? The second wife of Henry VIII, and who later was beheaded? Actually, that is pretty bad ass.

  5. Jami says:

    Why didn’t I make the list?

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